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Formalized in September 2021 and launched in a general assembly in November 2021, Philtra is a non-profit, independent organisation composed of volunteers to develop trail running as a sport, represent the needs of its members and vote on policies and rules for their benefit. It was eventually affiliated with PATAFA in February 2023.

The Philtra President leads the proceedings with the trustees and officers while the Secretary General together with the Vice President for each island (Luzon & GMA, Visayas and Mindanao) is responsible for bringing forward the major decisions for implementation within the association and its working committees and volunteers.


Atty. James Roldan


Christine "Tin" Ferrera

Vice President - Secretary General

Marc Molina, MD

Vice President - GMA

Louie Ganayan

Vice President - Luzon

Boying Milan

Vice President - Visayas

Marvin Aninon

Vice President - Mindanao

Atty. Francis Baclay

Corporate Secretary

Jerome Tan


In the photo are the Founding Trustees and Officers during the first PHILTRA Championship Finals in Bontoc Mountain Run, February 2023:  Francis Baclay (Corp.Sec),Jerome Tan, Majo Liao, Lala dela Cruz, Rons Nebre, Thumbie Remigio (President), Aldean Lim (Vice President), Tin Ferrera (Secretary General), Marc Molina. 

PHILTRA is dedicated to creating a comprehensive and inclusive ecosystem within the trail running community.

Stakeholder Engagement

We bring together athletes, organizers, enthusiasts and supporters, to foster a community that represents all aspects of the sport. This collaboration ensures that decisions and initiatives are representative and considerate of different perspectives.

Setting Standards and Guidelines:

Collaborating with member-organizers and athletes to establish standards and guidelines for trail races and events is crucial in maintaining fairness, safety, and consistency across the sport. This helps in creating a high-quality and reliable trail running experience.

Athlete Support and Programs:

We are committed to supporting athletes through activities, programs, and collaborations. Our focus areas include:
1) Providing Safe Spaces for all athletes;
2) Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity; and
3) Embracing Environmental and Community Responsibility.


Philtra shall provide representation for the sports in the local and international events within the trail running community.

National Athlete Development

Training and developing national athletes for trail running is a pivotal step toward achieving excellence in the sport. As an affiliate member of the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (a member of the World Athletics Federation and with support from the Philippine Sports Commission), we train and develop national athletes for trail running, and officially represent the country in the international trail running community.

Local Accreditation

Aspiring to be the local accreditation body for trail races and activities demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards within the sport. This role ensures that events adhere to established guidelines, fostering credibility and safety within the trail running community.

Major Activities

"PHILTRA encompasses not only the competitive aspects of trail running but also the broader impact it can have on athletes, the environment, and the community. We are dedicated to advancing trail running in a responsible and inclusive manner."

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"Philtra was formally

"The 7 founding
members conducted
dialogues with IATF to
allow trail running
activities in the middle
of the pandemic.

"PHILTRA opened for

PHILTRA conducted a
general assembly.


"PHILTRA hold the
Mt. Pulag Trail Run.  The event was held a day after the Altitude OCR event of the Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation (POSF)."

"Philtra launched the
PHILTRA Championship
Series with Timberland Mountain Marathon as first event supported by Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation (POSF).

"PHILTRA started the
regular meetings with
event organizers in
order to collaborate
and come up with a
trail running
standards. The
meetings were moderated by
Tin Ferrera,
Rons Nebre and Marc Molina."

"The Philippines was
represented for the
first time at the World
Mountain Trail
Championships in
Thailand by John Ray

"Philtra conducted a
training camp for the
top runners from
several provinces in
the Philippines.

The camp was led-
organized by Majo
Liao with Kristian
Joergensen as Camp

"PHILTRA conducted its
championships in
Bontoc, Mountain
Province with Tawid Multisport Team as the local partner.

Philtra became an
official affiliate
member of PATAFA.

"PHILTRA launched its
Championship Qualifiers."

"PHILTRA conducted a
training camp for its pioneer
National Team members. The Athlete Development Program was headed by Marc Molina with Andy Dubois as Head Coach and Christabel Martes as Assistant Coach."

"The Philippines was
reprented by 12 top
trail runners in the
Philippines at the
World Mountain Trail
Championships in
Innsbruck, Austria.
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