Philtra Recognized Races

As PHILTRA aims to be the umbrella organization of trail runners in the Philippines, it seeks to collaborate in setting the standards and guidelines in the conduct of trail races and events. The standards will ensure the safety and security of the runners.

Primordially, PHILTRA commits to provide race organizers a guide to ensure that they exercise due diligence in the conduct of their races. By pooling the knowledge of the race organizers, best practices will be gathered and developed in the conduct of trail races in the Philippines, conforming with international standards and sensitive to the needs of both the organizers and runners. PHILTRA aspires that organizers will be responsive not only to the needs of the runners, but also to the communities and environment where the races are conducted.

For the purpose of competition, PHILTRA intends to ensure fair play so that races will have legitimate results and true talent can be discovered and be developed, with the hope of representing the country in international races.

Thus, in becoming a PHILTRA-Recognized Race, the organizer commits to the standard and the trail running community.

Trail Event Standard

Be guided, check out the PHILTRA standards for use in planning for and staging a safe and successful event.  Race organizers who agree and adhere to adapt the trail running standards in the conduct of their events will be considered PHILTRA-recognized race.

Philtra will be sending a representative to observe and there will be a post-event discussion with the race organizer after the event. These inputs will be considered in our continuous work to uplift the trail running events in the Philippines.  Please email for any inquiry.


PHILTRA's Environment and Community Nurturing Policy

PHILTRA is dedicated to fostering a trail running community that values and actively contributes to the well-being of the environment and local communities. Our commitment goes beyond the sport itself – it extends to preserving nature's beauty, respecting indigenous cultures, and promoting responsible outdoor recreation. This policy outlines our principles and practices for caring for the environment and the community while engaging in trail running activities.

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PHILTRA's Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI)

PHILTRA aim to create an environment in trail running where people of all backgrounds, abilities, genders, races, and identities can participate, compete, and excel without discrimination or barriers.


ITRA Green Charter

Organizing a trail event in the Philippines while we are still in the middle of a pandemic? Let's do the sporting event safely, download a copy and be guided.


ITRA National League and Index Points for Runners

ITRA Index Points

PHILTRA encourages all organizers to register an account at itra-run and upload your results for runners to earn their ITRA Index points/scores.  For organizers who are having difficulties or challenge to participate, please email us at so we can assist.

ITRA National League

By launching this initiative, ITRA’s aim is to:

  • Promote the development of trail-running at the national level.
  • Create a challenge accessible to every runner based on simple rules.
  • Encourage runners to reduce their carbon footprint by running locally.
  • Expand services for runners and organizers