PHILTRA is dedicated to fostering a trail running community that values and actively contributes to the well-being of the environment and local communities. Our commitment goes beyond the sport itself – it extends to preserving nature's beauty, respecting indigenous cultures, and promoting responsible outdoor recreation. This policy outlines our principles and practices for caring for the environment and the community while engaging in trail running activities.


Accountability and Continuous Improvement

PHILTRA will regularly review and update our policies and practices, adapting to new knowledge and evolving needs. A designated committee will oversee the implementation of this policy, monitor its effectiveness, and make necessary adjustments to ensure our commitment to environmental and community stewardship remains strong.

By adhering to this policy, PHILTRA recognized events aim to create a trail running community that leads by example, inspiring others to respect and protect the environment and communities we interact with. Together, we can enjoy the sport we love while preserving the natural wonders and cultural heritage of the Philippines.


1.1 Trail Preservation PHILTRA pledge to maintain and protect existing trails by adhering to established guidelines for trail use. Trail runners must stay on designated paths, avoiding shortcuts that could lead to erosion and habitat destruction. Trail markings and signs should be respected, and no unauthorized trail modifications will be undertaken.

1.2 Waste Management Trail runners and organizers must follow a 'Leave No Trace' approach, carrying out all waste generated during each activity. We encourage the use of reusable containers and utensils to minimize disposable waste. We encourage organized clean-up events will be held periodically to remove litter from trails and surrounding areas.

1.3 Ecological Awareness PHILTRA will educate our community about the ecosystems they traverse, emphasizing the importance of protecting local flora and fauna. Regular workshops, seminars, and informative materials will be provided to enhance awareness and appreciation for the environment.

2. Community Engagement

2.1 Respect for Local Communities PHILTRA commits to respecting the cultural and social heritage of local communities and indigenous peoples. Before organizing events in new areas, event organizers must engage with local stakeholders to gain insights, seek permissions, and ensure our activities align with their values and needs.

2.2 Giving Back As part of our commitment to the community, PHILTRA will initiate and participate in projects that benefit local residents. This may include trail maintenance, habitat restoration, and community development initiatives. A portion of event proceeds will be allocated towards these projects.

2.3 Inclusivity and Education PHILTRA will actively encourage a diverse community of trail runners by fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. PHILTRA will organize educational sessions on cultural sensitivity, local customs, and responsible outdoor behavior.

3. Event Management

3.1 Sustainable Events PHILTRA recognized events will prioritize sustainability by minimizing their ecological footprint. This includes using eco-friendly event materials, reducing single-use plastics, and implementing waste separation and recycling initiatives.

3.2 Responsible Access PHILTRA recognized events will manage participant numbers to ensure that the impact on trails and surrounding areas remains minimal. Parking and transportation options will be arranged to reduce congestion and emissions.

3.3 Community Interaction PHILTRA recognized events, during events, will encourage runners to engage positively with local communities, promoting goodwill and cultural exchange. Volunteers may assist in guiding participants to minimize disturbance to wildlife and local activities.