Bontoc” originated from two morphemes Bun-Tuk. BUN means heap and TUK means top, when taken together means MOUNTAINS. It is the capital town of the Mountain Province and is home to several tourist attractions.

This includes the breathtaking vistas of the Kadchog Rice Terraces which is located across the Chico River in Bontoc, Bayyo Rice Terraces and the UNESCO Heritage site Maligcong Rice terraces. Worthy of visit is the Chico River, a natural pool surrounded by mountain ranges. You can still see its rich culture and heritage in Samoki Village and Alab Oriente, an ancient dwelling place

Participants will go through the beautiful trails, villages and terraces in Bontoc which will allow them to see and experience the following on foot as they run:

  • Kadchog Rice Terraces- A group of stone walled paddies. This manifests the engineering skills of the Bontok tribe.
  • Mount Kamaliton- This is where the ichiw (a big snake) was believed to have slept and was killed by Bontoc men through the use of bolos and spears. They sliced its belly and found a woman dead.
  • Lamfagan, Wawalitan (Sacred place) of Bontoc Ili- Where some Bontoc women elders perform Walit, a cultural belief and practice where they sacrifice a salted pork meat or chicken (depending on the gravity of illness) and pray for the bad spirit(s) to abandon and let a sick relative to recover.
  • Ganga Caves- A group of caves where some dead Alab males (about 100) were entombed after they were believed to have been killed by an anito. The coffins used were made of pine trees.