The Search for the Trail Running National Team

#PHILTRA intends to hold the Philippine National Trail Running Championship by the end of the year with the following distances: Short, Mid, Ultra 50K.

The event will be a qualifying race to identify the Philippine National Team which will be developed and supported by the Association.

To identify talents from the grassroots, across the country, we will be holding two legs from each of the the three major Philippine Group of Islands – Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao.

Each organizer or individual interested to host the qualifying leg for their region is invited to send their event proposal by sending an email to The event will be accredited by PHILTRA and this will be awarded to high quality mountain, ultra and trail running race organizer. Distances would range from 10 km to 50 km. There will be no fees involved.

What are the requirements:

  • Organizer should be willing to follow standards and collaborate with PHILTRA
  • Organizer should be capable of organizing a 10k, 21k and 50k trail races following the standards to be set by PHILTRA
  • Organizer should be willing to stage the event independently from PHILTRA and incur the necessary cost to stage the event. All proceeds will go solely to the organizer to cover their costs.

What are the benefits of being a qualifying leg

  • Organizer will be accredited as part of the National Championship Series Qualifying
  • Participants will be ranked in the PHILTRA’s annual national ranking
  • Winners will have free slots in the national championship
  • Organizer will get the technical support advisory from PHILTRA
  • Organizer will be assisted in seeking IATF approval
  • Organizer will be endorsed to sponsors
  • The race will be PHILTRA accredited and can use the PHILTRA logo in their website, posters and applications

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