Philtra Age Group Ranking 2023

We wish to congratulate all athletes who participated in the 2023 Philtra Championship Qualifiers. A total of 1357 athletes participated in the short and long trail categories. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Philtra is committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity in the realm of trail running.  It is thrilled to announce the release of the final 2023 Age Group Ranking. This initiative was launched in 2023 and aims to champion the spirit of inclusivity in sports, transcending age and gender barriers to create a more accessible and equitable playing field for all. 

The Age Group Ranking ensures that athletes receive equal recognition and opportunities, regardless of their age or gender. Philtra believes that every athlete deserves a chance to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

Through this initiative, Philtra aspires to inspire future generations of athletes by providing role models who defy traditional norms and prove that success in sports knows no boundaries. It also aims to increase participation of women, which is at low 12% for long and 32% for short – an area that still needs improvement.

The data below is for long and short trail for the 10 qualifier events. For 2024, shorter distance will also be included and other PRR events.

Here is the gender distribution:

 OVERALLBontocMadjaasTimberlandBanaueTawidPamutanImpasugongLa UnionMt. ApoCordillera
Long Female12%11%16%0%26%29%0%7%7%0%23%
Long Male88%89%84%100%74%71%100%93%93%100%77%
Short Female32%39%26%25%27%52%13%27%34%42%32%
Long Female68%61%74%75%73%48%87%73%66%58%68%

50 and above2%4%
Unranked 1%
50 and above1%5%

Note: Some organizers had incomplete information of participants resulting to unranked participants. This is part of the items for improvement to among events in the future.

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