Trailblazing Health: Philippine Trail Running National Team Partners with Healthway Medical Network for a Year of Optimal Wellness and Care Beyond Cure

The Philippine Trail Running National Team Members have been provided with the AC Care Card for 2024, ensuring a multitude of benefits to keep the team in top health throughout the year. With a focus on their well-being, the team is set to undergo Annual Physical Exams at the nearest Healthcare Medical Network from their residences.

Care Beyond Cure is the common goal shared by HMN and Philtra, emphasizing the alignment in prioritizing the health, comfort, and overall welfare of the athletes. Athletes Angelie Cabalo and Randolf Gonzales took a proactive step by visiting the Healthway Medical Network in Shangri-La for their Annual Physical Exam. Here are four key observations from their visit:

  1. Clean and Organized Clinics & Hospitals: The facilities prioritize cleanliness and organization, fostering a safe and comfortable environment for peace of mind.

  2. State-of-the-Art & Modern Facilities: Healthway Medical Network boasts cutting-edge technology and advanced medical equipment, contributing to accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

  3. Competent & Compassionate Doctors: Skilled and compassionate doctors provide expert care with a compassionate touch, ensuring personalized attention and the best possible treatment.

  4. Friendly & Caring Staff: From reception to hospital staff and nursing, everyone at Healthway Medical Network makes patients feel valued and cared for every step of the way.

While the rest of the team is yet to schedule their visits, John Ray Onifa highlights the convenience of online consultations, enabling him to connect with doctors even when he’s in Antique or Hong Kong. Coach Christabel Martes emphasizes the importance of maintaining peak health for athletes to excel in their training.


The partnership between the Philippine Trail Running National Team and Healthway Medical Network reflects a commitment to Quality Healthcare, Excellent Patient Experience, and Care Beyond Cure. The team is poised to make the most of these benefits, ensuring they are at the prime of their health for optimal performance. #HealthwayMedicalNetwork #QualityHealthcare #ExcellentPatientExperience #CareBeyondCure


AC Health, established in 2015, Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (AC Health) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ayala Corporation that aims to provide every Filipino accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare. 

Healthway Medical Network Healthway Medical Network (HMN), the clinics and hospitals group under AC Health, integrates the medical expertise of QualiMed Hospital Network consisting of 4 full-service hospitals and an ambulatory center, 15 Healthway Multi-Specialty Centers, and the upcoming Healthway Cancer Care Hospital. Strategically located in all parts of the country, HMN offers a wide range of medical services across the entire continuum of care. For more information, you may contact HMN’s integrated contact center at (02) 7777 2273 or (02) 7777 CARE, or (0917) 466 2273 or (0917) HMN CARE, or visit our integrated website at, or through e-mail at

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