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The Southeast Asian Trail Running Cup is the pinnacle of mountain trail running in Southeast Asia. This biennial competition by the Southeast Asian Trail Running Confederation gathers the finest trail runners representing their country from every corner of the Southeast Asian region to showcase their prowess in the challenging and awe-inspiring terrains of mountainous landscapes.    The Elite competition is by invitation.  Participants will be fielded by each member trail running associations from Southeast Asia.

Race Categories 


Elevation Gain: 5503 m
Elevation Loss: 5502m
Cutoff time: 15 hours

ITRA POINTS: 4  (8 Mountain Points)

DETAILS: Long Trail - philtra.ph


Elevation Gain: 3079 m
Elevation Loss: 3072 m
Cutoff time: 8 hours

ITRA POINTS: 2 (8 Mountain Points)

DETAILS:  Short Trail - philtra.ph


Elevation Gain: 829 m
Elevation Loss: 819 8m
Cutoff time: 2 hours

ITRA POINTS: 0 (7 Mountain Points)

DETAILS: Mountain Classic - philtra.ph


Elevation Gain: 810 m
Cutoff time: 2 hours

ITRA POINTS: 0 (12 Mountain Points)

DETAILS: Vertical Uphill - philtra.ph


The Southeast Asia Trail Running Confederation (SEATRC) was established on July 4, 2023 with the aim to promote regional unity. Currently, the SEATRC is composed of member Trail Running Federations from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and representatives from Brunei, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The SEATRC aims to strengthen the bonds among the Southeast Asian countries by providing a platform for athletes to interact, compete, and forge friendships as they strive for the growth and development of the sports of trail running in the region.

Get in touch with SEATRC at https://web.facebook.com/SEATrailRunning

The SEATRC has approved the conduct of The SEA Trail Running Cup. This will be a biennial vent to be participated by members of the SEA Trail Running Confederation which shall start in 2024.

This aims to foster unity, friendship, and cooperation among the Southeast Asian nations in the sports of trail running.

For ATHLETES DEVELOPMENT: The event provides an opportunity for emerging athletes to showcase their skills and compete at an international level. It serves as a stepping stone for athletes to gain exposure, experience, and recognition, with the potential to further their sporting careers. Likewise, this prepares SEA athletes to prepare for competitions such as the World Mountain Trail Running Championships.

For CULTURAL EXCHANGE: The event also serves as an opportunity for cultural exchange. Participants and spectators shall experience the rich diversity of different Southeast Asian cultures as hosting is transferred to different countries bi-annually.

For SPORTING EXCELLENCE: The SEA Trail Running Cup aims to encourage member countries to strive for sporting excellence and raise their competitive standards. The event fosters healthy competition and inspires athletes to achieve their best performances, contributing to the overall improvement of sports in the region. 

The competition will consist of Long Trail, Short Trail, Mountain Classic (Junior and Senior) and Vertical Uphill which shall be conducted in accordance with the World Athletics Book of Rules | Official Documents (worldathletics.org)

Each member country may send official delegations which consist of athletes, coaches and officials.  The accreditation process starts on January 2024 upon release of the General Event Information Team Manual.  The deadline of the submission of initial entry form on February 5, 2024. The entry form must be submitted via email by the country official representative to SEATRC.  Member countries may submit updates to initial entry form until April 15, 2024. 

Final Entry Form must be submitted on May 15, 2024 for the accreditation process. The accreditation is the process through which the SEA Trail Running Cup identifies, registers, and provides access to accredited venues those with a specific role or function. The right to access an accredited venue and a specific zone is directly linked to the job title and role of the individual. The accreditation of teams will be differentiated into two subcategories of athletes and officials.

The event is also open to non-official country delegates who may enter via the public registration platform (Link to be updated) for the Tawid Mountain Marathon.


The event is also open to non-official country delegates who may enter via the public registration platform https://philtra.ph/tawid for the Tawid Mountain Marathon.


The SEATRA Cup 2024 is hosted by the PHILIPPINES by the Philippine Trail Running Association (PHILTRA).  Philtra, as host, is responsible to establish its Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and to cover the costs for 4 nights for participating quota athletes (3Male and 3Female per category) and 2 team officials during the event. Participating countries shall cover the cost of additional athletes for any non-quota athletes and officials.



Host Region: Mountain Province




                       Mountain Province – 158,200

Language: Filipino (Tagalog and Ilocano), English

Local Time: (UTC+8)‎

Driving: Right-handed

Business hours: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Shops: 10 a.m.–7 p.m., Saturday 6 p.m.

Weather (June)

The month of the year in Bontoc with the warmest weather is June, with an average temperature of 85°F. The time of year with cooler water lasts for 2.5 months, from December 31 to March 16, with an average temperature below 82°F. The month of the year in Bontoc with the coolest weather is February, with an average temperature of 81°F.

Currency and Payments: Peso - Wireless payment is not commonly used in local shops.

Electricity and Voltage: Electricity: 220V, socket Type A,B<C

Measurements: Metric System

Emergency and Medical

Emergency Number: _______

Fire Department:     _____

Police:                    ______

Service: Mobile network: 4G, 5G

Tipping:  Approx. 1-2USD

Sim-Cards: As a working mobile phone is part of the mandatory equipment, please check the functionality of your mobile phone provider for Philippines.  If you need to buy prepaid sim cards there are multiple stores at the airport.

Entry Visa: Entry visa for SEA countries are not required, only an online flight and customs declaration form.  Please fill-up before arriving in the Philippines - https://etravel.gov.ph/

General Information: The LOC will provide adequate welcome services at the airport in Clark.  Transportation between Team Hotels and various venues, including official and social functions, will also be guaranteed by the LOC shuttle service. Furthermore, the LOC encourages the Member Federations to travel as sustainably as possible. The transportation service period is between the June 11 and 16.


Arrival by Plane:  The LOC will provide adequate welcome services at the official airport, Clark International Airport. To ensure a proper pick-up procedure, all teams were responsible for including their exact arrival information in the Final Entry Form (FEF). In case of any changes the team must contact the LOC as quickly possible. In case of late or lost luggage, please go directly to the designated desk inside the baggage claim area at the airport.

Arrival by Bus:  To ensure a proper pick-up procedure from the bus station, all teams are responsible for including their exact arrival information in the Final Entry Form (FEF). In case of any changes the team must contact the LOC as quickly as possible.

Parking: In case you require parking at the venue for your team contact info@philtra.ph.  Due to limited availabilities parking permits are going to be allocated in a first come, first serve manner.

Participants of the OPEN Category who require travel assistance may log here: https://philtra.ph/bontoc

Local Transportation:  The venues are mostly walking distance.  On days transportation is needed, transportation between the team hotels and the venues, including official and social functions, will be guaranteed by the LOC shuttle service during the Championship days from 19th to 23rd of June. All transportation schedules will be displayed at the info board both in the team hotels as well as in the other venues which are serviced by shuttles.

Departure:  A shuttle service will also be in place for team departures. The frequency of this service will be based on the departure schedule, which will be posted at the information board at each team hotel at least 24 hours before departure.  Any changes to the details provided in the FEF shall be communicated to the LOC, at least 48 hours before departure.




STRAIGHT TO BONTOC: Take the Cubao-Bontoc (Sagada): Coda Bus line in Cubao station.

VIA BAGUIO - Take Manila-Baguio Bus:  Victory Liner, Partas and Genesis.  Take Baguio to Bontoc Bus: D Rising Sun Bus, En Clean Vans


Participant may travel via Baguio - La Trinidad - Bontoc Rd/Halsema Highway/Mountain Trail



Please contact us at info@philtra.ph for sponsorship.

Contact SEATRC

EMAIL: INFO@PHILTRA.PH with subject line SEATRA Cup.